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Rachel Derby

“good information as always case studies/examples are extremely helpful in seeing how the investigation process works.”

“good information as always case studies/examples are extremely helpful in seeing how the investigation process works.”

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Course Summary

This course is approved for 2.5  hours of continuing education credits by Missouri POST, American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI)

Who Should Take This Course

  • Law Enforcement Patrol Officers/ Supervisors
  • Detectives and Investigators
  • Medicolegal Death Investigators
  • Coroners
  • Interested Students 


An estimated 95% of severe intracranial injuries and 64% of all head injuries in children 1 year of age or younger are caused by violence inflicted by parents or caretakers. This course details what AHT is and how to conduct an investigation. Students will be introduced to what Abusive Head Trauma AHT is and how it is inflicted.  The course spends time describing injuries and how investigators should gather information, talk with caregivers, and recognize the inconstancies in statements v. injuries

Our online video training and is designed to be interactive with students by random quizzes and, in some cases, a final exam. Student login times, location IP, and activity time within the course are tracked per student by Mixpanel to verify the time spent in the course if needed. Videos cannot be fast-forwarded or skipped, and testing cannot be done until the videos are fully watched.  

Many of the videos have a unique symbol or picture that will appear prominently in the video and is part of the test questions, this will ensure the video has been watched, quizzes must be passed with a 100% so missing the proof of watch image will ensure the quiz is not passed and thus the student cannot move forward in the course.   Also, all quizzes are presented in random question-answer order so each quiz attempt will have questions and answers in an order different than previously shown. This prevents students from sharing answers with other students.  

Certificates will only be available for print after the successful completion of the course material. Each certificate will indicate that it was an online training and will note the approval control number and the CLEE hours given.


Course Fee

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Introduction and Welcome

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    • Content Integrity and Copyright Notice

    • Content and Copyright Notice Acknowledgment

    • Welcome to your new course (3 Minutes)

  • 02

    Understanding Abusive Head Trauma - AHT

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    • ATH - What is it and how does it occur? (15 Minutes)

    • Injuries found in abusive head trauma cases (17 Minutes)

    • Investigative Challenges (17 Minutes)

  • 03

    Keys to a Successful Investigation

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    • 3 Keys to a Successful Investigation (16 Minutes)

    • Investigation Red Flags (18 Minutes)

  • 04

    Case Reviews

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    • Case Review One. (4 Minutes)

    • Case Review Two Part 1. (12 Minutes)

    • Case Review Two Part 2 (25 Minutes)

  • 05

    AHT Knowledge Quiz

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    • Quiz: Abusive Head Trauma in Children

  • 06

    Reading and Resources

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    • Overcoming Defense for AHT eBook

    • Mechanism Sub-Dural Hemorrhage

    • Non-Accidental Injury Patterns

    • Missouri Law Enforcement CLEE Request


  • I’m not currently in this field, can I still take the course?

    Yes. This course is open to students who are wanting to enter the field of death investigation as well as working professionals. It is our goal to help you prepare for the job you are wanting by providing nationally accepted training.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the course material for six months. This, however, does not take into account natural disasters or a major interruption in business.

  • Do we get a certificate at the end?

    The course is an all-inclusive course. So, each student will receive a certificate at the end of all course work denoting credits and approval numbers along with the date of completion.

  • What if I want to talk to someone before I register?

    If you have other questions, please email us or call our academy directly at 1-888-556-0177.

  • What is the refund/exchange policy?

    Online courses are non-refundable. Once the course is purchased/accessed, no refund will be granted after 15 days of purchase or course open date, or if more than 20% of the course has been accessed. All online training courses are tested extensively on all types of systems, browsers, and devices. We can assist you to get started with the course if you are having any trouble. Exchange Allowed: Participants will be allowed to exchange with another course of equivalent or lesser value if course is not accessed within 15 days of purchase. The exchange request must be received by email at . No exchange will be granted if the request is more than 15 days after the purchase date. Multiple payments for the same course: In case the participant made extra payment (same course bought multiple times) for the same course, a refund will be issued upon request. There will be a 3.7% transaction cost charged by credit card processor per transaction.


Jim has worked in law enforcement since 1999, serving as a cadet, patrol officer, field training officer, defensive tactics instructor, & detective. Since 2014, he has worked as a detective investigating violent crime, specializing in sexual assault & violent crimes against children. In that capacity, he has investigated hundreds of cases including multiple child homicides and serial rapists. A number of cases have received extensive local & national media coverage. Since 2017, he has lectured regularly at police academies, colleges, and professional conferences throughout the State of Michigan on the subjects of sexual assault, child molestation, child abuse & child homicide. Audiences have included; prosecutors, police officers, detectives, nurses, child protective services workers, social workers, and college students. Jim has also written articles for & ILEETA on those topics as well. Finally, Jim is an adjunct faculty member for the Macomb Community College Public Service Institute teaching undergraduate criminal justice classes both online & in-person. In addition, he has developed & taught advanced police training seminars for the Macomb Criminal Justice Training Center focusing on child abuse and sexual assault.

Jim Twardesky